Third-party certification for Non-GMO

products and ingredients



60% of consumers* in the United States expressed concerns about the presence of GMOs in their food products

Protect Your Brand and Consumers

IGEN™ stands for the International Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Evaluation and Notification Program launched in 2016. It aims to verify label claims about the presence of GMOs in products and ingredients.

The IGEN™ program is a powerful tool for brands looking to establish trust with consumers and demonstrate their commitment to transparency and non-GMO integrity.

Products are certified as “Non-GMO Tested,” certifying that the finished product does not contain any GMO markers.

IGEN™ provides brands with the transparency needed to minimize the risk of regulatory noncompliance and legal issues that can result from mislabeled products. 

With a rigorous certification process and track record of success, brands can confidently partner with Nutrasource to build trust with their consumers and align with new retail regulations through IGEN™. 

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Over 1000 products are IGEN™ certified! Is yours next?

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Differentiate your brand with an IGEN™ Certification 

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What is the value of an IGENTM certification?

  • Trust and Transparency for consumers: Demonstrates the premium quality and third-party validation of your product.
  • Regulatory compliance: More retailers and e-commerce platforms require third-party certification for product sales, don't get left behind. 
  • Market Differentiation and competitive advantage: Increased brand exposure and access to exclusive retail outlets such as WholeFoods Market and Amazon.
IGEN Non-GMO Tested Original

Your commitment to QUALITY & TRANSPARENCY in 3 Easy Steps


Step 1:
Sign up for the IGEN™ certification program.
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Step 2:
Ship your product samples to Nutrasource for testing and get certified.
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Step 3:
Unleash the Power of Increased Consumer Trust and Watch Your Brand Thrive!

The Most Straightforward Way to Get a Third-party Non-GMO Certification


Tailored Pricing: What's Included in Your IGEN™ Certification Program

At Nutrasource we understand the importance of transparency and accessibility when it comes to non-GMO certification. That's why we offer a variable pricing structure that makes our certification process affordable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Our goal is to provide a cost-effective solution that allows companies to build trust with their customers and demonstrate their commitment to non-GMO integrity.

Pricing is determined by number of SKUs and sub-components tested, and quality of supply chain documentation available for review.

These are the key components of an IGEN™ program fees:

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Future-proof your brand with the credibility of an IGEN™ certification 

IGEN™ Certification: A Trusted Mark of Transparency

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*2020 survey conducted by the Hartman Group